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TRAININGRATIO - Fitness, Préparation physique, diététique, KRAV MAGA,Self-Défense, conseil et stratégie, Paris, Amsterdam

Natural physical combat training

Power, Resistance, Explosiveness Training Skills

How to stay in shape during your pre-season time ?

The work out
(Plan for five to eight weeks)

This plan can be performed as a circuit training (x 3-4 or 3 to 4 sets).

Rest time 1' min for endurance – resistance training
2' min / 3 min for explosive or power (weight vest training)

Begin every work out by warming up 5' to 10' min : run or any kind of light cardio, stretches and joint mobility exercises and core strength.
Do few reps of each exercise by way of preparation.

Material options : same exercises can be performed with ropes, weight vest, kettlebell, sprinting resistance bands.

Phase one : Lower body exercises

Squat classic or SQ 0’’ 4’’ 2’’ 1’’ sec (kettle bell in option)
SQ + side kick 2-3x10
Lunge + front kick 2x20 meter
Hurdler drills 2X20 meter

Phase two : Upper body exercises

Push ups (short medium total) range 2x15 reps or side push ups 2-3x8 reps
Push ups + spider move 4-6 run (resistance bands in option)
Eccentric push ups 4-6 reps 2'' 4'' 0'' 1'' sec

Caution : perform all exercises with perfect technics to avoid risk of injury or do lower intensity.
Hervé Gonçalves